Safe & secure development of human capital in cyberspace

Our Mission

Creation of conditions for the safe functioning of cyberspace & its use in the interests of individuals, society and government.

The rapid development of information technology is gradually transforming the world. An open and free cyberspace enhances people's freedom and opportunities, enriches society, creates a new global interactive market for ideas, research and innovation, stimulates responsible and effective government work, and actively engages citizens in state governance and local issues, ensures publicity and transparency of government, promotes prevention of corruption.

At the same time, the benefits of the modern digital world and the development of information technologies have created new threats to national and international security.

Key Goals

Support the formation and implementation of cybersecurity state policy

Increase awareness, effective interactions and coordination efforts in cybersecurity

Research & development in cybersecurity

Start-up Priorities


  • Official professions directory;
  • Critical infrastructure cybersecurity requirements;
  • National organizational and cybersecurity model;
  • EU, NATO cybersecurity requirements implementation.


  • 4 specialized events (General, Telecom, Energy, Transportation);
  • Cyber office (meeting place);
  • Virtual cyber intelligence platform.


  • Marker research and analyzes;
  • Cyber trainings and stimulations.


NGO “International Cybersecurity University” acted as a partner of the Annual International Forum “Cybersecurity – protect business, protect the state”

The annual International Forum “Cybersecurity – protect business – protect the State” is not just an ordinary event, but a political and technological foundation of the all-Ukrainian Cybersecurity Month, which is held in Ukraine for the 4-th year in a row with the support of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.