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The main goals and global projects of the International University of Cybersecurity team for 2021

The cybersphere does not tolerate stability.

To be confident in the protection of your data, you must always be one step ahead.

That is why the cyberteam of the International University of Cybersecurity is developing and growing every day. And we are in a hurry to share with you the main goals and global projects of our team for 2021.

Global goals 2021:

✔️ gain leadership in the field of cybersecurity among NGOs in the public sector and at critical infrastructure facilities;

✔️ to approve the Concept and plans of realization of the program of maintenance of cybersecurity in the branches of electric power and heat supply of Ukraine for 2021-2023;

✔️ creating the necessary opportunities for the introduction of cyber insurance in the energy sector.

Projects 2021:

✔️ the team also plans to plan and conduct more than 10 specialized IT events and training in cyberspace for government agencies and enterprises;

✔️ active participation in the process of signing memoranda in the state, financial and technological spheres, as well as the development of regulations of the state;

✔️active participation in the formation of proposals and further participation in the work of the Project Office at the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine;

✔️ introduction of the original integrated index of the state of cybersecurity with appropriate indicators that will provide information on the dynamics of changes in the state of cybersecurity in the energy sector.

Take care of the security of your data and stay cyber secure!

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